Taking Photos Of Your Handmade Jewelry

So you’ve made your beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry, you love it! You want to show off your handcrafted creation and sell it online! So now you need to take photos of your handmade jewelry. Your photos should be crisp and clear, you want to show off your handmade jewelry at it’s finest! Sometimes, I’m not sure if taking photos of my handcrafted jewelry takes longer than actually making my handmade jewelry!

Here are two inexpensive ways to have your own jewelry studio!

My preference is natural light. I take most of my photos of my handmade earrings outside. I do use a white board one as a base, and another I cut with a knife partialy so that it folds like a book. I usually use a wine glass as a prop to hang my handmade jewelry from. If I am feeling really creative, I hang my handmade jewelry on branches or leaves.

It’s not a perfect world and I know weather doesn’t always comply. When I take photos of my handmade beaded jewelry inside, I use natural light light bulbs, and I bought two spot lights from the local hardware store for about $5 each (I don’t want shadows!). Yes, I still use my white board to take photos of my handcrafted jewelry. I usually take photos in a small space like the laundry room.

Experiment with angles, close-ups, ect…

If you would like to share your handmade jewelry photography please e-mail me!

freshwarter, coin, pearl, freshwater coin pearl, sterling silver, white, 12mm

5 thoughts on “Taking Photos Of Your Handmade Jewelry”

  1. I also love to shoot outside the natural lite is much better. After 8 sets of pictures I went with black back ground because I like the way it shows off my beadwork. It took me 2yrs and alot of experimenting to get the pictures just the way I wanted but have fun and be creative.

  2. Tabby,

    I think you photos for the most part look great! The only comment or suggestion I have is: Be sure to use ALL of the 14 tags etsy gives you 🙂 We all love search engine traffic!!! The more the merrier. Good luck with your shop!

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