Busy creating handmade jewelry

I’ve been very busy lately making lots of jewelry and filling orders. I was hoping I would have some time to work on my main site perfections.com where I showcase all my jewelry. Unfortunately there’s just not enough hours in the day to get the new pages finished. Hopefully I’ll get some spare time here soon and can work on those pages a bit more. Once I put the pages live, I’ll be sure to post here so everyone can check them out and give some feedback. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy being busy and having lots of orders to fill.

2 thoughts on “Busy creating handmade jewelry”

  1. I think that is great. I am working on jump starting my jewelry business as well. I just purchased some new stones, sterling silver wire. gold wire and much more. I am like you, very excited to start on my jewelry line and get that major response like you. I did a lot of jewelry pieces, but I have come up with some much better designs and I am very enthusiastic for what the future holds for my business. Your post gave me real inspiration and it made me feel good. Thank you.

    Continue the Great Work,

    Essential Jewelry Designer

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