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Tools Of The Handmade Jewelry Trade

I was recently looking at my tools and decided, I needed to update a few of them. Most of them came from my Brothers or Dad’s workshop, and I haven’t been living at home for…. well, a long time! So, yeah I needed something new!

A word of advice… Never buy any handmade jewelry “Tool Kit” of pliers, needle nose, cutters ect… from a craft store. I told my hubby I was thinking of asking Santa for some new jewelry tools and he took the initiative to get me some jewelry tools. (I did tell him I had no intention of breaking the bank when I did this.) Well, needless to say, those jewelry tools are now in the garage and my husband got himself a new set! I love him for trying though!

After that episode, I thought, maybe I should splurge. Don’t get me wrong, going with economy jewelry tools is fine! I have a few inexpensive jewelry tools myself, but I bought those from a handmade jewelry supply site and they work great! So if your starting out, those will work just fine.

So buying a few new tools for making my handmade jewelry dwindled down to one “AWESOME” tool. I went with new wire cutters. I searched high and low trying to get some feedback on which was best.. Low end jewelry cutters, high end jewelry cutters. I didn’t really find anything, or any opinions. I did find that every Tom, Dick, and Harry was selling them, saying theirs was the “BEST” jewelry tool around! But I couldn’t really find any reviews.

What jewelry tool did I go with?

Lindstrom 8141 flush cutter.

How did that work out?!

I have to say, I like the way they feel, and it cuts my sterling silver wire very nicely! Very Easily! If I were to change something… maybe, perhaps next time I would go for a super micro flush cutter. It cuts both ends of the wire straight, instead of just the one side like the one I have. Would I return this cutter?? NEVER!!! I love it. Definitely worth the money.

Now I need to look into some new round nose pliers!