Three Peas In A Pod jewelry

I’ve been working on some new necklaces, because.. well I’ve got a million earrings, I’ve been a little nervous about it, just because, I’m not a necklace making person! But then that was true about earrings! I love to wear them (necklaces) thought! So I thought I would start with pendants and made a cute little peapod necklace using 7mm green freshwater pearls. I also tried 8mm white freshwater pearls I think both turned out very nicely. Check out the green one!
peapod, pea,pod,green, freshwater pearls, sterling silver

4 thoughts on “Three Peas In A Pod jewelry”

  1. Do you sell these? I would love to have one. My daughter in;law had triplets and Im looking for a special gift.

  2. hi!

    Yes, I do sell them for $32.00. Visit my site at http:/ I’m in the middle of a redesign so I haven’t got all of my pea pod necklace posted but you can drop me an e-mail!

    Thanks for looking 🙂

  3. Do you make matching earrings for the green and white pearl peas in a pod necklaces? Do you have them for twins (two peas in a pod)?

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